jAPS – open source J2EE portal/cms framework

Java Agile portal System (jAPS) is an open source J2EE portal/CMS framework that makes easier aggregation, publishing, access, customization and integration of information, services, processes and resources, compatible with accessibility international standards like WCAG 2.0, Section 508 and PAS 78, for both front end and back office.

jAPS - open source J2EE portal/cms framework

it specially designed to create multi-lingual portals and for ease of integration with existing services. the platform architecture is based on a Model View Controller (MVC) approach which has two user interfaces: a front-end with contents and services accessible to end-users, and a back office with administration functionalities, content management system and services management system. It has been used extensively within Public Administration portals, public sites and large company intranets.

Features of jAPS

  1. Provides a secure unified access to information, data and applications with single sign on capabilities (Single Point of Entry)
  2. Allows user to share information and collaboration services (Collaboration)
  3. Easy to customize contents and services.
  4. Allows maximum flexibility in look & feel design, customization and integration
  5. Facilitate easy customization to meet specific needs (Flexibility)
  6. Simplify content management: workflow, categorization, indexing and information search (Content Management)
  7. Allows to aggregate features of heterogeneous systems, data from other systems and CMS contents into new web components “widgets” as dashboard (Aggregation)
  8. Easy to integrate external services into a single platform (Integration)
  9. Provides extensible authentication and authorization features to control access to resources, information and functionalities.
  10. Flexible, scalable, efficient and reliable platform
  11. Helps people with disabilities overcome barriers to web access and participation (Accessibility)
  12. Open Source (GPL V2) License
  13. Provides a stable, certified and guaranteed open source platform (jAPS 2.0 Certified Edition)

Download: jAPS 2.0 – java Agile Portal System

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