ItsNat- Component Based Java Web Application Framework


ItsNat is an open source Java AJAX Component based web application framework.


it’s an server centric platform that uses “The Browser Is The Server (TBITS)” approach to develop web application and simulates a universal W3C java browser in the server, with ItsNat the server mimics the behavior of a web browser, containing a W3C DOM Level 2 node tree and receiving W3C DOM Events using Ajax. Every DOM server change is automatically sent to the client and updated the client DOM accordingly.

it has simple single page interface web paradigm for web sites without sacrifice SEO, accessibility or bookmarking and site duplication.

Features of ItsNat

  1. DHTML on the server. Automatic client synchronization from server
  2. support for automatic server synchronization from client
  3. Web-continuations (“continue” events)
  4. User defined event types
  5. Ajax Timers
  6. Long running asynchronous server tasks
  7. COMET without special application servers
  8. Server side DOM utils (to simplify DOM manipulation like lists, trees,ElementCSSInlineStyle
    support etc)
  9. Resolution of ${} based variables in markup (helps to keep Java DOM code as agnostic as
    possible of the concrete layout)
  10. Markup fragments (dynamic parts of the page to be inserted in any time very useful in
    Single Page Interface)
  11. SVG (and other namespaces) embedded inline on XHTML and application/xhtml+xml MIME
  12. Pure SVG documents including AJAX in browsers with native SVG or MSIE with Adobe SVG
    Viewer or Renesis Player v1.1 or Savarese Ssrc SVG/XUL plugin.
  13. XML generation
  14. IFrame/Object/Embed/Applet Auto-Binding – IFRAME, OBJECT, EMBED or APPLET tags are automatically bound to the parent document in server
  15. Java to JavaScript generation utilities
  16. Extreme Mashups
  17. Simple Ajax Bookmarking
  18. Pretty URL’s
  19. Automatic page remote/view control of other users/sessions
  20. Remote Templates

Download : ItsNat – Natural AJAX Java Web Framework

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