JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit – Create Interactive Data Visualizations for Web

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit is a mootools based charting library that allow you to create interactive data visualizations for web. it support for multiple data representations such as TreeMaps, Radial Layouts, Hyper Trees/Graphs, stacked area charts, pie charts, weighted graph and many more…

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

All graphs and charts are cross browser compatible and work perfectly with all major web browser such as IE6+, Firefox2+, Safari3+, Opera9.5+, etc.. User can use any DOM manipulation framework with JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit.

All visualization classes built by JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit are mutable, so user can easily add/override any method you want. it also easy to combined all visualizations into one in order to create new visualization methods.

Download : JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit
Demo : JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

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