Jigsy – Complete Hosted website builder and CMS

Jigsy is a simple, easy to use website builder and content management system that allow user to build dynamic website either by using pre-made themes or create your own themes by using HTML and CSS.

Jigsy Hosted website builder

it provide Several tools that make it easy to manage as well as build a site. Even a blog can be set up by the users that include categories, a tag system, and multi-level spam control.

Around 30 or even more number of components are provided by the Jigsy that help in the easy customization of their websites that are newly created and that contains several items like image galleries, blogs, PayPal tools, email forms, RSS feeds, Google Maps, and eBay tools.

An image uploader is the inherent facility of Jigsy that helps all the users in organization as well as displaying of pictures in their website.

The color scheme provided by the website of Jigsy is really very appealing and users are simply attracted towards it due to its rich color scheme of blue and purple.

Easy navigation is allowed to all the users as the color scheme is rich and also the organization is awesome. The look as well as the feel of the website of the user depends on the customization as well as page orientation of the user.

A very powerful and beautiful website can be developed by the users of Jigsy on account of its provision of the rich set of tools. Certain convenient features are included in Jigsy that includes any eBay tools and Flickr integration.

Even the eBay listings and requests for donation can be added by the users onto their page of Jigsy and payments are accepted through PayPal.

Features of Jigsy

  1. Browser based easy editing – it has browser based visual editor that allow you to edit your website and see all your changes in real time.
  2. Website for Everyone – Jigsy is provide simple personal website for everyone such as small business, church, organization, musician
  3. A dynamic website can be built by you using the various components- A good website should have each and every type of content and around 30 components are provided that helps you in building as well as customizing your website in the way as per you need and feel.
  4. Easy to customize your website theme with over 175 themes also allow to create custom themes.
  5. Complete Hosted Solution – Easy to host your website with Jigsy and email with your own custom domain name.
  6. Photo sharing is done easily- The images are easily displayed on the website of yours! The image uploader is pretty easy to use and that effectively help in the organization of photos certain collections and displaying of galleries that are completed with the provision of a light box. Image independent of size or format can be used here and they are automatically resized before uploading. You are just required to enter the email address of yours and by that you will be simply connected your Flickr via your website!

Jigsy, in terms of features are way advanced than most of its close substitutes. It is sure to provide high benefits to its users.

Download : Jigsy Simple website builder

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