jlibrary – Open Source Document Management System (DMS)

jlibrary is an open source Document management system that allows to use it both for personal and enterprise level. The variety of functions and possibilities make jLibrary a very flexible system that can almost be used for any information management purpose.

jlibrary - Open Source Document Management System (DMS)

with jlibrary, user can classify there documents, videos, or any other media type and it also allow to export those contents to static web pages based on templates, search on those content, add comments, categorize it, etc. It has all the features present in most modern content management systems, including team work support, version management, offline document edition, document locking, security constraints based on roles, users and groups, and easy Web access.

jlibrary is Multiplatform tool, so User can run the client and the server in both Windows and Linux. jLibrary is based on web services so it boosts interoperability between platform and languages, being an ideal solution for heterogeneous environments.

Features of jlibrary

  1. Support for local and remote repositories
  2. interoperability
  3. Standards compatible
  4. Support for WebDAV Client
  5. Categorization
  6. Relationships
  7. Document metadata
  8. Annotations
  9. Support for Multiple editors to handle almost all the most common document types: Adobe Acrobad, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, HTML, XML, Image files, etc.
  10. Resources management
  11. Easy to Repository import/export
  12. Search
  13. Integrated web browsing tool
  14. Web spidering

Download : http://sourceforge.net/projects/jlibrary/

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