Jolicloud – Ubuntu based Linux web operating system

Jolicloud is an Ubuntu based Linux operating system that is designed to give you the ultimate web experience without any compromise. This is unlike the traditional operating system that was originally designed for software before the Web developed. You can install Jolicloud on any computer without any hassle and thus transform the computer into a powerful cloud computer.


Jolicloud is all about the experience, the elegance, and the performance, providing the best possible user interface with an efficient operating system. This has been achieved by developing an unique front end leveraging HTML5 technologies on top of the Chromium browser. Therefore, Jolicloud doesn’t need to upgrade all of the user-interface packages included in Maverick.

Jolicloud has an impressive net book operating system with advanced features which can boot in very little time, as low as few seconds. It has an interface which is speedy, stylish and mostly intuitive and will make you forget about Windows. Jolicloud 1.1 allows you to load the netbook fast. It also makes your interaction with friends easier a, discover applications and share them with your friends. It also allows you to access cloud based services very fast. Jolicloud allows you to use an advanced technology like HTML5 without buying an expensive device.

Any computer that you own can be recycled to support Jolicloud 1.1 which will provide you with beautiful and simpler interfaces without being closed and reducing the opportunity of what you can do. Thus it is not just netbooks that are required for Jolicloud, old computers and laptops will also do. it plays videos out of the box and comes with Chromium and Flash embedded. It is apt to check Facebook or run Spotify in the kitchen or living room. A drawback is that it does not allow disabling the trackpad while typing. It also does not allow navigating through shortcuts of websites on Chromium launcher. Jolicloud does not have a changeable desktop background. Jolicloud also does not have custom apps on the main page.

Features of Jolicloud

  1. It has a fast and gorgeous sixteen million color boot.
  2. The boot process takes between ten to twenty seconds.
  3. Suspend and wake up are faster and takes no time to pick up WiFi.
  4. It has an introduction animation which has done away with flickering screen and system messages.
  5. It allows flawless support of Full HD 1080p videos as well as YouTube videos in HD 720p in Atom N550 Netbook.
  6. It has a high battery management capability and gives one of the best battery performances.
  7. It has dashboard customization with background images that are very attractive.
  8. It has simplified access to the computer settings.
  9. It can add to your computer any local app from a Jolicloud device.
  10. It uses Facebook connect for faster sign up and login.
  11. It has a striking interface design.

Thus Jolicloud is quite a revolutionary operating system with useful features that even allows you to recycle your computer and run on any old laptop or desktop.

Download : Jolicloud – Ubuntu-based Linux operating system

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