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Jota Text Editor is a simple yet easy to use, free text editing apps for Android that let you edit a long text files on your Android smartphone. User can easily edit long text files which included up to one million characters in length. It’s an best text editing apps for android and well suited for both programmers and general Android users.

Jota Text Editor apps

Jota Text Editor 1

Features of Jota Text Editor for Android

  1. Support up to 1 million characters in length
  2. Automatically detect the suitable character codes for text files
  3. Provide support for multiple character codes such as UTF-8, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, UTF-32BE, UTF-32LE, WINDOWS-1251, WINDOWS-1252, WINDOWS-1253, WINDOWS-1255, SHIFT_JIS, ISO-2022-JP, ISO-2022-CN, ISO-2022-KR, ISO-8859-5, ISO-8859-7, ISO-8859-8, BIG5, GB18030, EUC-JP, EUC-KR, EUC-TW, IBM855, IBM866, KOI8-R, MACCYRILLIC, H,Z-GB-2312, X-ISO-10646-UCS-4-3412, and X-ISO-10646-UCS-4-2143.
  4. Easy to change character codes.
  5. Scroll long text files with Thumb-drag and Flick
  6. undo and Redo
  7. Auto Detect line break code and change them as per choice
  8. Save position of the cursor with file.
  9. Support a Shortcut key with ALT/CTRL Key
  10. Customizable colors and shortcuts
  11. create a shortcut icon on HOME app and easy to customize them
  12. Text Selector
  13. Word wrap ON/OFF and set word wrap width
  14. Set Tab Width
  15. Viewer Mode
  16. Simple Word Counter
  17. Support for landscape Mode
  18. Auto save and Indent
  19. Auto capitalize – capitalize the first word of each sentence automatically
  20. Work as SL4A editor
  21. Customizable Toolbar and syntax highlighter
  22. easy to capture screen shot
  23. Theme Settings
  24. Trackball center key
  25. powerful Search box including support for regular expression, and case insensitive
  26. Syntax highlighter for all major scripting languages such as PHP, HTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, avr assembler, Perl, Lua, Python, C and Awk
  27. Multilingual
  28. Customizable wallpaper
  29. Save history of recened files.
  30. Support for both touch-screen as well as qwerty-keyboard based devices.

Download : Jota Text Editor for Android

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