jStorage – store data locally with JavaScript

jStorage is a simple JavaScript wrapper plugin for Prototype, MooTools and jQuery to store data on browser side. The plugin is really small, just 2 kb when minified (under 1kb when gzipped) and use of HTML5 local storage if available or userData behavior in Internet Explorer older versions. where Webkit SQLite is not supported.


it work with all major browsers – Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, Opera 10.50+. If the browser doesn’t support data caching, then no exceptions are raised – jStorage can still be used by the script but nothing is actually stored.

jStorage was first developed under the name of DOMCached but since a lot of features were dropped to make it simpler (like the support for namespaces and such) it was renamed. DOMCached had separate files for working with Prototype and jQuery but jStorage can handle both in one go.

Download : jStorage
Demo : jStorage Demo

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