Justinmind Prototyper – Rich interactive wireframes made easy

Justinmind Prototyper allows you to interact with the users of your web and mobile applications. You can extract useful feedbacks from them using this software. Once you have reviews from your users you can do interface testing with the help of Justinmind.

It has simple features and anyone can use it without much training. It has an attractive and simple user interface. It is an excellent tool for communicating with your customers and visualize the changes desired for. Justinmind is a popular toll used widely all over the world.

Justinmind Prototyper

You can download the 30 days trial version of the software. It comes free of cost. It lets you design superior quality wireframes and prototypes and share them. It saves your time and money. It helps in coordinating your work. You do not need to get into the details of coding in order to create prototypes. The simple Drag and drop technique allows you to create prototypes in minutes.

These can be exported to HTML and tested on any web browser. Justinmind Usernote allows you to publish your wireframes over the internet. You can simply subject your wireframes to testing even before the completion of the project. Your users can post comments just like in a forum and respond to previously posted comments. It helps you to follow the conversation. Using Justinmind you can generate specification documents like an MS Word or Open Office document. There are 2 versions available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Features of Justinmind

  1. There is a component gallery which has basic tools to frame designs. This consists of shapes, text, menus, form fields and data lists. You can add notes and comments to give your wireframes a complete look. You can generate your web application design as an image or a HTML document.
  2. You can manage feedback from your users using this software. You can publish your wireframes over the net, manage your annotations and collaborate over these annotations.
  3. Justinmind allows creation of wireframes without any code usage. You can drag and drop drawing components, links and interactions. You can simply simulate a component using the simulate button and view it instantly.
  4. Justinmind offers a wide array of specialized components for IPhone, SAP, Ipad, Blackberry and Android devices. You can download for free of cost and use them for crating prototypes for mobile applications.
  5. You can refer to the customized library of Justinmind and use them in your designs.
  6. You can refer to the style guide to create innovative designs. There are numerous customization options that help you to design interactive wireframes. You can also insert interactive images for this purpose.
  7. You can also design the user interaction component as part of your wireframe. You can include animations and flash or video files to your wireframes.

Wireframes and prototype are very important for testing the feasibility of your product. Justinmind provides a cost effective platform for prototype building.

Download : Justinmind

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