Jux – Open source site builder

Jux is a platform that is formed due to the alliance of several people where everyone gets benefit from each-other and each and every individual member plays a key role in the development of this platform. All the members are it designer or coder derives benefit from this collaborative platform.

Jux site builder

Jux provides an exclusive facility of resource sharing among several sites. Themes, media etc.. can be exclusively shared between several sites.  Several creations can be made by using Jux and it has achieved a great success in taking the expectations of people to an entirely new level.

Open-source site builder. Each and every component of the websites can be mixed and matched together by the website developers without even changing the code. For doing this several limitations are imposed on the developer’s of the website but this limitation is not imposed Jux is used.

Features of Jux

  1. Full-powered apps in the browser – Jux does not require any coding or server setup for its development. The simple web-page can be created using HTML, JavaScript etc..
  2. Free, web-standard cloud – Several complex data and versions can be easily handled by Jux which serves as the host for the server.
  3. Unlimited number of website creation – Any number of free web-sites can be created through the use of Jux. Charges are taken as per the services provided. The current storage limit is 1GB which can be increased accordingly if a demand for more storage is made.
  4. Fully Accessible Source Code – A site-building tool is provided by Jux where there is no need to have any prior knowledge regarding the coding for the development of the web-sites.
  5. Move your site anytime – The transportation of your web-site is possible to some other platform other than Jux is also possible in Jux but for that desktop access should be used for downloading your site.
  6. The most visual, flexible site maker on the web – Fantastic web-sites can be created using Jux, with those people who do not have any knowledge in coding and hosting. So the final bottom-line is that creating web-sites using Jux is far more easily compared to others.

The components of Jux are given below :

  1. Drag-drop widgets – Widgets are each and every material on a web-site that can be inserted or edited or removed from your web-site. A text box an image, a page title etc. are the several components of a widget. The basic building blocks are provided by the widgets. The built in themes of Jux provides a great flexibility to Jux. Several themes can be merged into one another and new themes can be developed.
  2. Completely style able – A rich set of fonts, colors, themes, make Jux an interesting feature and marks the style of this platform.
  3. Start with an existing site – You can start with an existing page without the need to create an extra one. Make an app with just HTML . A little knowledge on HTML will help you to work on Jux.

Download : Jux

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