Karma CRM – Contact and Customer Relationship Management software

The solution provided by the Karma CRM is a hosted one and is very efficient in managing the contacts of the business that is used to unify the sales teams.

Karma CRM always relieves the confusion you may encounter during agendas and monitors sales leads and Contacts, providing simple information based on the simplified functions.

karma crm

All the contacts and sales leads can be kept tidy with the help of the Karma CRM. The system used at the backend should be hidden by the customer relationship manager, besides providing a pretty simple, clean, and usable interface.

With the aid of Karma CRM, you will enjoy the topmost position in all your tasks, sales contacts, and proposals. You can be the boss of your very own sales organization.

You can forwaemailsils and BCC all temailsils of yours to the drop box of the Karma CRM, and all of them automatically attach to the exact contact.

Attach files, set deadlines, and create deals. It is very easy to send newsletters and create lists to the contacts of your Karma CRM as it is well-linked with Mail Chimp.

Features of Karma CRM

  1. You will enjoy the administrative privileges by using the process of group permission and a simple user of Karma.
  2. You can easily customize settings, stages, and several other settings through the options available in the settings section?
  3. Easily import contacts from external websites.
  4. You can track sales leads and monitor your sales team’s progress.
  5. The filtering offered here is extremely powerful and enables you to keep the contacts you need while eliminating the rest.
  6. Easily import information from Fresh books, High-rise, or CSV.
  7. Your contacts are customized easily and only include your business’s related and relevant files.
  8. Files, photos, tasks, and deals can be easily attached to the contacts of yourEmailail reminders will be given to you in case of the approaching deadline.
  9. Add a time and due date to every task.
  10. You will certainly get certain reminders via SMS before any due task
  11. Can assign tasks to a sales member, contact, or contractor.
  12. Even To dos can be attached to the sales process of yours at a particular stage
  13. CC or Bemailail the drop-box of your Karma CRM, and you will find a suitable message has been already attached to the contact automatically.
  14. Easily create new contacts.
  15. If any types of attachments are found, they have attached automatically.

Thus, Karma CRM is very effective and efficient in managing all your contacts related to the business. Moreover, it easily attaches any file, photos, or documents with the related contact, a unique feature.

Download: KarmaCRM

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