Keeper- Password manager and Data Storage App for Mac

With the help of Keeper Lite users can store account numbers, passwords, and other sensitive and delicate information pretty quickly and easily on your computers.

Keeper Password and Data Storage App

The interface of Keeper lite is pretty intuitive and it also bears a very strong military grade 128 – bit AES encryption. By this way the Keeper Lite mac app helps in keeping all your information’s in a pretty safe state while it is also easy to access as well.

The user interface of this program is not only well organized but also sleek as well, and the master password can be also created easily followed by the addition of new account information’s later.

The username and the password are generated randomly for the program, which is really very beneficial in case if you try to create a much more secured log-in for any accounts of yours. All the accounts can be searched easily and they can be saved on the basis of age or alphabetical order.

A simple interface is provided by this program apart from providing several other security features. If user inactive for more than 60 seconds then it will automatically logged out.

But this adjustments can be done as per the necessity, it’s an default setting the inactive users are logged out after 60 seconds of time as they may perform malicious functions on your account information if they get more span of time.

A self-destruction feature is provided optionally here that deletes all your stored information’s if the master password is consecutively entered incorrectly for five times.

The 128-bit AES encryption feature is all also provided in this Keeper lite desktop app that ensures a strong security to all the types of your private data.

A mobile version is also provided for this program that enables the syncing of user information between a mobile device and a computer.

The file of PDF Help is also well-written here. You can get to work with a trial version of Keeper Desktop for a time period of 15 days.

All the desktop icons are installed automatically without even asking and a folder is always left back by default after its removal. This very program is recommended for all the users.

Features of Keeper Lite

  1. Keeper Lite app published and sold over 80 countries and in 10 different languages.
  2. Data Vault and Keeper Password have many richly built features that are also well supported by mobile security applications as well.
  3. The software runs on any types of platforms that enable users from all over the world to download this application of password security for accessing, storing and safeguarding personal information’s and passwords.
  4. A military grade 128 – bit AES encryption is used by the Keeper to safeguards all your data as well as information into any of your device.

Download : Keeper Lite for Mac

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