Kerio Connect – business email, messaging, collaboration and full groupware single server solution


Kerio Connect is an effective tool that acts as a messaging server that is mainly a platform agnostic and mobile aware. You can select any operating system according to your convenience to run this message server.

Kerio Connect - business email, messaging, collaboration and full groupware single server solution

it supports Windows, Mac, Linux or any other virtualized environment in the back office. You can activate Kerio Connect from any smartphone that you carry. It is a highly protected application that keeps your device virus free.

its storage capacity is quite high and it has special archive facilities to store huge amount of information, mails and data that you wish to feed into it. Kerio Connect also has automatic back up services. So, it cuts down your work to a great extent.

Kerio Connect is quite suitable for any business messages or as an organizational tool that offers the largest range of operating systems that are applicable for the use of Kerio Connect.

it also an perfect collaboration tool for organisation who have office in multiple geographic locations. it schedule your meetings, manage your global address book and easily communicate with your remote branch offices, all with a single domain.

If you do not have a personal server set up then Kerio Connect will provide you with a hosted solution. It will cost a small amount every month to get this facility.

If you are planning to go for Kerio Connect then it is suggested that you check out its feature details first and make your decision accordingly.

Features of Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect is bestowed upon with some really useful features that are quintessential for busy working schedules of current world. These features include:

  1. The most effective feature of Kerio Connect is that it supports most of the leading operating systems all over and also helps you obtain a hosted system if you do not own one.
  2. Next is its remarkable mobile mechanism support system that enables you to work from any part of the globe at any time. It supports iPad’s, blackberry or even androids and with the Exchange ActiveSync protocol by Microsoft you can exchange any data over Kerio Connect irrespective of time and place. All your contact or information details in your phone are upgraded according to your computer settings.
  3. There is a special feature of Kerio Connect that offers powerful anti virus and anti spam protection to your device. Your mail service is greatly protected due to the 14 anti-spam categories and dual anti-virus software provided to the tool. Your RAM and CPU are saved from virus attacks due to this unique precautionary measure.
  4. The archive services are efficient enough to save all the required documents including messages, mails and other information. Auditing purposes are solved using the Kerio web mail option. It cleans out your system off unimportant and old documents and hence reserves space for new further additions.
  5. Back up facilities are prompt in Kerio Connect. Automatic back up notices are flashed whenever required. In case your hardware fails to run you can restore all your information into some other server using the back up facility. You will be able to retrieve some old deleted document following an easy to follow method.

Download : Kerio Connect

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