Ketchup – jQuery Plugin for form validation

Ketchup is a simple jQuery plugin for form validation that allow you to validate user inputs on the client-side. It aims to be very flexible and extendable for its appearance and functionality.
Although Ketchup is designed to be styled and extended by you it already looks tasty and gives you the most common validations by default.

ketchup jquery plugin

It come with a ready to use pre-written basic validations, including: required, minlength(min), maxlength(max), rangelength(min, max), min(min), max(max), range(min, max), number, digits, email, URL, username, match(selector), date, minselect(min), maxselect(max), rangeslect(min, max) and many more..

It also provides some callbacks to completely control the markup and show/hide behavior of the error-container, which simply can be styled via CSS.  Ketchup don’t force any markup on you. Build your own error-container, either with HTML code in a string or the element builder via the errorContainer parameter.

With Ketchup, User can combine validations by comma like this:
<input class="validate(required, username, rangelength(3,20))" />


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