Simple Key codes for Mac

Key Codes is a unique utility application that helps in showing the modifier keys state, Unicode value and key code for the key combinations you tap on. The application is quite useful for the application developers and web designers.

Powered by Many tricks, Key Codes is one of its kind applications that enable the displaying of Unicode value, key code and modifier keys state for the key combinations users tap on. The utility application can run on platforms like Power PC dependent MAC OS (MAC OS X) and Intel.


The application comes for free and can be downloaded from the App store. The users can toggle the codes between the floating statuses of the windows from the windows menu. Added to that, the application also has an inbuilt apple news module to give updates for the buyers at the apple stores. A user friendly ambience and interesting interface is an added bonus for the users of this application.

Features of Key codes

  1. Easy to use interface- The application has an easy to use interface that helps the users to navigate through it (Key Codes) easily and the user friendliness makes it easy to operate.
  2. Displays key combination details- The unique application displays the key combination details like the key code, Unicode, modifiers, keys and characters. The information is quite helpful in web development and programming.
  3. Log key button- the log key option helps the user to define the modifier changes as well as the log key up events.
  4. ideal for any device- The utility application is compatible for any device. It can be used in Mac OS, iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.
  5. Toggle key codes- the users can easily toggle between the floating statuses of Windows from the windows menu.
  6. Information, news and updates- Key Codes has an inbuilt news module that provides latest news, updates and information from the Apple store to help the buyers get the updates about the latest application and devices.
  7. Lets the user ‘un-float’ the window- Key Codes enables the user to un-float the window using the windows menu.
  8. Simplistic approach- The application has a very simple approach and gives the important information on keys.
  9. Open source- The application is open source, and the Mac developers and other users can simply download it to use.
  10. Access it without downloading- The application can be accessed and used without downloading. The users can simply visit the homepage of the application to use it.
  11. Basic key code explorer application- Key Codes is a basic Key Code explorer application for the Mac OS X developers. Added to that, it is universal binary.

Key Codes is a very helpful utility tool for the developers working on MAC OS X platform. Moreover, the application is free to use which is an added benefit for the Mac users.

Download : Key Codes

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