Klowdz – Find & draw shapes in clouds

Klowdz gives words to your imagination and lets you draw without any inhibitions whatsoever. The website helps you unleash your creativity and it is through this wonderful application that you get to draw any beautiful images that come to your mind.


The best part about Klowdz is that its completely web based and it lets you save your drawings and to share them amongst your loved ones. The website is different from others as it gives you the full liberty to portray your artistic ability online, without downloading any separate software whatsoever.

Klowdz is a fun filled website which gives words to your imagination by giving you the opportunity to draw and experiment online. The website is completely web based and allows the users to log in and see their gallery which showcases various, beautiful pictures drawn by their current users.

The website provides with templates, backgrounds and colors for the users to draw and experiment. Your artistic side is unleashed and the colors give words to your thoughts. Klowdz is therefore, a completely fun filled web site that makes sure its members have a wonderful time by drawing and experimenting.

You have the option to log in and start drawing. It is free of any kind of cash payment or Pay Pal. This is a website that has been designed just for artistic around the world. Klowdz makes sure to include newer features in their website to keep the going interesting, Therefore, the fun ride never gets boring. You get to draw fun shapes in clouds and share your drawings with the rest of the world.

Features of Klowdz

  1. The only major requirement for working in this website is to have a log in ID and password.
  2. An HTML5-compatible browser to draw with Klowdz is a necessity. Browsers like Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 4+, Safari 4+, and Opera 10.5+ are the ones that are found to be most compatible.
  3. Your works can be printed out only if you want to. The website doesn’t print out your drawings without your permission but such a feature exists, where the customer can take out prints of their drawings.
  4. Several “clouds” are available from which the customers can choose one – they are available in the form of background templates and they give color and vigor to the life of the drawing.
  5. Several modes in drawing are available like: sketchy, curvy, shaded, chrome, fur, long fur, web, simple and circles.
  6. Lastly, you have the option to save your picture and share it amongst any number of people you want to.

Therefore, Klowdz is a fun filled, entertaining website which doesn’t take any amount of money from its users for taking part in this entertainment. It is user friendly and provides a platform for artists who believe in exploring the unexplored. Klowdz is a website that only needs a specific kind of browser for the user to access the “draw” application. Thus, this summer give Klowdz a try and we assure you the experience would be worth remembering!

Download : Klowdz Find & draw shapes in clouds

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