Knockout – JavaScript library to create rich, dynamic desktop style user interfaces

Knockout is an open source JavaScript library that help you to create rich, dynamic desktop style user interface with a clean underlying data model.

Knockout JavaScript library

it simplify the dynamic JavaScript user interface (UIs) by using the Model View View Model design pattern and also easily track dependency by automatically updating some parts of your UIs whenever external data model change or change in user’s actions). It has flexible and sophisticated templating logic to create nested UIs as a function of your model data.

Features of Knockout

  1. Free and pen source library
  2. The library is completely written in JavaScript that why it works with any web framework
  3. small and lightweight (only 25kb under minified)
  4. cross browser compatible
  5. Declarative binding
  6. Dependency Tracking
  7. Fully Documented library

Download : Knockout JavaScript library

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