Kohive- Shared Virtual Workspace for collaboration

Kohive is an online desktop interface that allows you to work, share and socialize. From sharing pictures to files concerning your business work, everything is supported on this platform. With a 128-bit SSL, all your information gets encrypted before reaching the site ensuring absolute security of your confidential information. Kohive is equipped with advanced working tools that enable you to do your work efficiently and easily. Kohive also contains a chat window where you can chat with your friends, just like on any social networking site.

Kohive has a unique desktop interface that operates just like your own desktop. You can have a number of Kohive applications open simultaneously, allowing you to switch and work on different things at the same time. In Kohive, you can have multiple profiles for yourself. That way you can keep and maintain your professional and social lives separately. Popular communicative websites like Flickr, YouTube and Twitter are compatible with this interface if you need to add or share photos or videos via Kohive.

If you receive a file in Kohive, the intelligent software platform notifies you instantly. Moreover, Kohive is hosted on RackSpace and Amazon, thus providing total content sharing security. The product also has a portable interface for i-phones. Thus, you can work, share or chat on Kohive even when you are mobile. With Kohive’s intelligent search-engine, you can search for and easily find results to match your query. If you provide exact keywords, the live-filtering algorithm resolves your search in an incredibly short amount of time.

Features of Kohive

  1. Kohive is compatible with popular web browsers like Firefox and Safari.
  2. It has "Hives", or workspaces in which you can work.
  3. In each hive, you can have different groups for different people, separating your work from you leisure, or your family.
  4. You can also create multiple profiles of yourself on Kohive, to keep your professional and social lives apart from each other.
  5. Kohive has an in-built notepad in which you can write and keep record of just about anything from elaborate family plans to project targets and goals.
  6. The "Doodle" feature in Kohive let’s you express yourself with help of simple pictures which you can draw yourself. General pictures can be uploaded to the Kohive galleries.
  7. You can also send messages to other people on Kohive, import videos from sites like YouTube, and share what’s on your mind via "Status Updates".
  8. The bookmark listing feature in Kohive helps you save and share a group of important sites with your group members.

The vast number of social networking sites makes it very difficult for you to choose the best web site. However, Kohive presents and excellent interface which can be synced with your business needs and therefore becomes desirable and useful for your business. It lends your business the visibility to the customers that every business needs nowadays.

Download : Kohive- online desktop for freelancers

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