Koma Mail – Free Portable Email Client


Koma Mail is a simple yet easy to use portable email clients which directly run from any USB drive. In most of the companies, web based email client are not allowed because of security reasons, so in that case Koma mail is perfect replacement for your web based email client.

Koma Mail - Free Portable Email Client

User can easily send and receive mails via POP3, IMAP, SMTP and WebDav based protocol. All your mails are encrypted via SSL to secure your important Email information and also allow you to block harmful scripts, ActiveX and HTML content in your email to improve your Email security.

Koma Mail is a portable email client, so user can instantly check their emails from USB drive without installing any software. it has two different types of Spam filters one is word based and another one is a Bayesian based. it also uses whitelist features that avoid false negative detections.

Features of Koma Mail

  1. Portable Email Client
  2. Send and receive email from your POP3/IMAP account.
  3. Support for SSL security
  4. Support for IMAP/POP3/SMTP and WebDav (Hotmail) protocols
  5. Multilingual
  6. Powerful Spam Filter
  7. RSS viewer
  8. Contact management
  9. support for HTML Mails
  10. HTML-Editor for composing
  11. Zips attachments automatically
  12. Free folder structure to manage your Emails
  13. Clean your folders automatically
  14. Template Module
  15. Support for multiple User accounts and multiple email account per user account.
  16. Encrypts your email accounts
  17. Filter module

Download : Koma Mail

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