Konakart – java based shopping cart software for online retailers

Like many of the other e-commerce platforms, Konakart is another java based shopping cart software. But unlike the other apps it is highly beneficial for the retailers as it provides all the necessary support that might be required by any retailer to meet up his requirements. Konakart is specially developed to target medium to large online retailers.

Konakart - java shopping cart software

Online marketing is day by day gaining much acclamation and Konakart is sure to add up to those list of appraisals.

It’s an Java / JSP / XML based ecommerce solution which offered simple and easy to use Java API and SOAP web service interface that allow you to easily integrate e-commerce functionality into any existing application.

It is also extremely user friendly and requires no additional expert knowledge to operate. it has role based security which allow companies to give specific administrative access only User you have selected.

It has the effectiveness of sorting the different products under categories which allows it quick searching. The aspect of security is also high and the user interface is also very user friendly.

Features of Konakart

  1. Fully featured java based shopping cart 
  2. Products also have the option of getting filtered through the categories, manufactures, Price and product Tag.
  3. Customers will get the benefit of comparing products. It is highly beneficial when it comes to buying technical line of products.
  4. Separate section for gifts to be sent in any corners of the world. Custom packaging, custom message, fixed time of delivery and other aspects are also taken care of.
  5. Like what the local market offers, the customer too can check the best selling options
  6. A separate column for the latest line of products so that all the customers can check the latest inclusion of products
  7. There will be a separate panel for the products which the customers had viewed in the recent times. This will allow them to save much of their time.
  8. Product reviews and detailed product ratings allows the customer to check about the mass’ view.
  9. Customers will also get to look at the products bought by other consumers who had earlier bought this very product.
  10. A wish list is also provided that will allow all the un-registered customers to store up their chosen products.
  11. To help a customer select a product, Konakart will be displaying a list of related products and also the top selling or high priority products to ease the selection process for the consumers
  12. Another special feature is KonaKart allows a list of related services which is available with that product (Product which is selected by the user). The services may include extension of warranties, additional service plans etc..

The way e-commerce portals are coming up day by day; there is a stiff competition for the different e-commerce platforms.

Konakart with its effective line of products is sure to win over many of its close competitors. It is a highly effective platform and is sure to offer great help to its users.

Download : KonaKart

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