KoolAjax – simple and easy-to-use PHP Ajax Framework


KoolAjax is very simple and easy-to-use Multiplatform PHP Ajax Framework, which allow you to exchange data between server-side and client-side. It also provides number of client-side utility functions to ease developing task.


Furthermore, with Update Panel, a special feature of KoolAjax is, developers can easily create a great Ajax application without knowledge about JavaScript. Using KoolAjax, you will be amazed with its power and simplicity. KoolAjax support following Database for PHP on Windows or Linux :

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Postgres SQL
  • Access
  • Flat file

Some highlighted features: (1) Cross-browser compatible. (2) Simple PHP interface. (3) Support simultaneous AJAX requests. (4) Many client-side utility functions. (5) Create partial page update easily with Update Panel. (6) Creating Ajax callback as easy as normal post back.

Download Url: KoolAjax

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