LABjs – on-demand JavaScript loader


LABjs stand for Loading And Blocking JavaScript. it’s an open source on-demand JavaScript loader that allow you to load any JavaScript resource, from any location, into any page, at any time. Loading your scripts with LABjs reduces resource blocking during page-load, which is an easy and effective way to optimize your site’s performance.

LABjs - on-demand JavaScript loader

By default, it will load all scripts in parallel as fast as the browser will allow. However, you can easily specify which scripts have execution order dependencies and LABjs will ensure proper execution order. In this way it will safe to use for virtually any JavaScript resource, whether you control or host it or not, and whether it is standalone or part of a larger dependency tree of resources.

it will replace all commonly-used “script”tags with LABjs API and calling every script from a LABjs function with the parameters you decided.

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