Lean Designs – Online WYSIWYG Website Builder and web design tool

Lean Designs is a new web design tool and WYSIWYG Website Builder specially developed for simplifying and enhancing web design process for professional web designers.

lean design web design tool

It is basically a online web design tool based on what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) technology which allow to create and design sites according to your preference via HTML 5 based editor and then it will automatically convert your site into a valid XHTML / CSS design.

Lean Designs is a simpler, efficient and faster web design tool in comparison to the manual code conversion of the designed high fidelity mockups with Photoshop.

Getting started with Lean Designs is so simple. All you have to do is put up a username, email id and a password.

Lean Designs is created purposely for website designing and hence includes a large number of tools to create visually effective websites.

Features of Lean Designs

Lean Designs is a well built web design tool that makes web designing skills not only simpler but highly effective and quicker. This has been possible due to a number of useful features that include:

  1. Lean Designs provide you with a very powerful yet simple editor using the drag and drop approach for creating visually pleasing and exciting websites very easily. All you have to do is just drag and drop the components onto your canvas, modify their look and leave the rest on Lean Designs to present you with a new amazing website.
  2. As you complete designing your website all your contents are automatically converted by Lean Designs into valid XHTML / CSS design necessary to deliver your website via any web browser.
  3. Lean Designs’ editor provides you with the easy facility to modify or restyle your components by allowing you to edit the font type, color styles, background set ups, line up radius etc.
  4. Lean Designs contains a built in 16-column 960gs grid overlay which you can toggle on and off to help you align elements.
  5. You are offered with a template library by Lean Designs. This allows you to either begin from scratch or pick from among the readymade templates within the library of Lean Designs.
  6. Lean Designs allows you to receive feedbacks on your website as well. You are enabled to adjust your sharing process as per your requirement and for that all you have to do is send the URL of your webpage to your selected friend.
  7. You can use a trial of Lean Designs and create two designs free of cost.
  8. The Pro version of Lean Designs costs $24 per months using which you can create innumerable designs.

Download : Lean Designs

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