Lighthouse- Simple Issue Tracking and ticket tracking solution

Irrespective of the fact that you are running a small or medium enterprise or a large organization keeping track of all your projects becomes difficult. A missed deadline may mean termination of contract in the professional world, so you really need to concur with the deadlines. Therefore your tolerance level for mismanagement in your product is minimal.

Lighthouse Issue Tracking

Lighthouse helps you to organize, track and come up with solutions that may arise because of multiple project handling at the same time. Lighthouse helps you to keep a tab on all the projects you are currently handling and thereby you can keep a tab on the important projects and allocate resources accordingly.

Lighthouse simplifies the workflow process in your business. This helps you to synchronize your work processes accordingly and work according to the immediate requirements. Lighthouse categorizes all your tasks according to the importance level automatically. You don’t have to put in any extra effort to organize your task and it is done behind the scenes even without your knowledge.

You just need to proof check the task categorization. With the help of Lighthouse you can just create and reply from your inbox directly to different sockets. The user interface of Lighthouse is also commendable and you can see the status of every ongoing project. You can choose between an overview or you may also subscribe to the feeds from the page. You can extend lighthouse to a team and your entire work crew can create new Lighthouse tickets with the help of Tender available at the customer service zone of Lighthouse.

For assured meeting of deadlines you can divide your tasks into milestones and work accordingly. Once one milestone is not concurred with you will get to know that the project is not going on time and you can take appropriate measures. Lighthouse gives you the opportunity to attach or share documents online. You can restrict access to the data by ticketing system. Under this system you can provide a ticket to whoever you think should gain access to the data.

Features of Lighthouse

  1. Navigation – Lighthouse has a simple guided interface. All the tracks are categorized properly and you can just click on the desired category to select a task. Therefore, there is no chance of you getting lost within the issue tracker.
  2. Organized Queues -  You can divide the access members into groups and accordingly grant them ticket to view the software. This controls the server load and a sequential work flow is maintained without much ado.
  3. Continuous Activity Stream – You can stay updated with your project on a continuous basis. In case of any problems or any milestones missed notifications will be sent to your message box to help you to address the issue.
  4. Milestones – You have the provision of dividing your projects into milestone for a more guided process and better project management.
  5. Online Documents Sharing – You can share the relevant documents online. The upload time is a fraction of a second which is one of the most attractive features of Lighthouse.

Lighthouse is a workflow management software which helps you to synchronize your entire business process in a more streamlined fashion.

Download : Lighthouse

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