Lightr 2 – Super Small Smart Charger For Your Device

Lightr 2 is the smallest yet most powerful power bank and the perfect charging solution for anyone who uses smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many devices.

It is slim, tiny, and comfortable to carry almost everywhere you go. It just fits in your smallest pocket.

It takes less space than the majority of your everyday items and gives you an alert when your phone needs charging through smart notifications.

The world’s most powerful charger of its size gives you 7 Hours of Talk Time, 4 Hours of browsing, 3 Hours of video buffering, and 2 hours of gaming.

The power bank comes with two powerful 750mAh slim batteries that provide enough energy to charge your device up to 100% and keep your device functioning all the time.

It uses universal custom-made magnetic connectors for the best performance of charging.

With these connectors, Lightr can be used with almost any modern device such as iPhone, Android phones, iPad, tablets, eBooks, MacBooks, and AirPods.

Features of Lightr 2:-

  1. Lightr fits in your smallest pocket
  2. Charges your phone up to 100%
  3. Universal Magnetic Connection (No Cables).
  4. Eco-friendly and large color variety.

IndieGoGo Project

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