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As the prominence of web is increasing most businesses are shifting online. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a sound invoicing system. Most of your clients pay after they receive a scanned invoice in a particular format.

Signed bill have ceased to exist and have been absolutely replaced by invoices. With LiteAccounting you can leave your invoicing worries and concentrate on your business and the revenue earned. You just need to enter the different items sold at various prices and LiteAccounting generates an invoice in the desired format.


LiveAccounting equips you with the requisite tools to generate invoices and hence secure payments. Priced at a very affordable rate LiveAccounting is not overburdened with too many features. You can sign up easily and for free and try out the various features of LiteAccounting. It comes in four versions depending on how much you are paying in a month. The various versions are Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Number of invoice that can be generated vary from version to version. Other features are same in every version except the free version.

Features of LiteAccounting

  1. Pricing : The product is priced at a moderate rate of $8 and $ 18 depending on your invoicing needs. If you opt for the $8 plan you can generate around 50 invoices while for the $ 18 plan you can generate unlimited number of invoices. You can even avail a free plan but you will only be able to generate 5 invoices in that case.
  2. Recurring Invoices : This feature is only available for the Bronze, Gold and Silver category. In order to set up this feature, you have to click on the Recurring tab from the invoice center.
  3. Search Invoices : If your business requisites the generation of too many invoices then you might find it difficult to keep track of all the invoices. With this feature you can search the required invoice from the list of generated invoices in no time.
  4. Customer Statements : Your customers can receive a customer statement report for the invoice generated. However, care is taken to not mix up the invoices of different customers and generate the required report for the appropriate customer.
  5. Payment Via PayPal : You can get paid via PayPal irrespective of your location. After you generate the invoice, your customer payment through PayPal is integrated in this software.
  6. SSL Secured : Secured Socket Layer is used to protect the confidentiality of the users and to ensure that sensitive business data is not leaked into the market.
  7. Email Details : In case you receive an email invoice and cannot figure out who sent it, you can find it out by seeing the “from” details in the mail.
  8. Phone Number : A local number is provided to non US residents in order to contact us if you face any problems with the software.
  9. Default Messages : You can select between various default messages if you are sick of retyping the same message over and over again.

LiteAccounting provides a cost effective invoicing solution for your business needs. You can concentrate on earning revenue while most of the payment worries will be handled by LiteAccounting.

Download : LiteAccounting – online invoicing and tracking software

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