LittleIpsum – Latin text generator for Mac

Imagine you need a Latin write-up immediately or you have to convert some English texts into Latin and need your personal translator (human) is on leave. For those difficult times, LittleIpsum has the solution. LittleIpsum is a freeware tool that generates Latin Loreum Ipsum Texts for MAC OS X.

LittleIpsum Latin text generator

LittleIpsum is a freeware application for MAC OS X that generates Latin texts and fonts. The MAC users can install it and keep it in their menu bar to generate actual Latin words, texts, phases and paragraphs. The application uses least possible memory of the computer and is easy to download & install.

The user can generate Latin texts in different fonts and sizes and can also do text wrapping in HTML tags. Unlike other text generators, this application ensures that the correct text is generated. The application is also easy to learn and fun to use. Users can also learn Latin using this wonder tool.

Features of LittleIpsum

  1. Lightweight and takes least possible memory- The application is simple and lightweight, and takes least possible memory of your computer. It also utilizes least resources of the computer and stays in the menu bar of the computer.
  2. Generates genuine Latin texts- The application generates genuine Loreum Ipsum Texts for the users.
  3. Wraps texts into HTML tags- The application, LittleIpsum, does the text wrapping into HTML tags.
  4. Generate in different Latin fonts and sizes- LittleIpsum helps in generating Latin texts in various fonts and sizes.
  5. Works on Mac- The application can work in MAC OS X platform or higher.
  6. Freeware- The application is a freeware and the users can simply download it and save it in the menu bar to run the application.
  7. Fast output- The application provides fast output and provides quick results.
  8. Unlike other applications, LittleIpsum can be stored in the menu bar of your computer and you can work on it offline too.
  9. Easy to handle, use and learn- The application has a clean interface which makes the user easy to find and operate the tool and learn the application.
  10. Growl notifications- LittleIpsum supports the Growl applications too.
  11. Single click application- The application has plenty of tabs that helps LittleIpsum to operate on a single click.
  12. Copy generated texts to clipboard- Users can easily copy and save the generated texts to the application’s clipboard for quick access next time.

The application LittleIpsum is no doubt a wonder tool to generate genuine Latin texts and wrap texts to HTML tags. The usability of this application cannot be suspected too. However, the compatibility with limited platforms makes it not much popular as utility software.

Download : LittleIpsum

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