Live UI – open source RIA framework for .NET


Live UI is a open source .Net framework for creating Rich internet applications. It has a modular system which allows sharing .ascx user controls and resources between web applications.

With LiveUI Any application can be plugged to other application and its resources and user controls would be easily accessible through virtual path and by URL. This allows making reusable components and encourages better application design.

Live UI - open source RIA framework for ASP.NET

The application provide complete solution for working with JavaScript from applications. This includes tools for JavaScript generation, caching, dependency management and more. it also separate the business logic from presentation logic which makes essential application code 100% testable and reusable; Shortly, LiveUI provides unified model for configuration initialization and state management of application components.

LiveUI also provides Extjs.Controls module which includes wrappers for all ExtJs components. So having this module plugged to your application you can easily use Extjs controls at your pages.

Features of Live UI :

  • Composite approach
  • 100% testable and reusable application code
  • Server centric architecture
  • Extjs and JQuery module support
  • Pluggable to any application
  • Powerful built in components
  • Based on pure ASP.NET Modules
  • Easy to customize any application component without source code modifications
  • Easy integration with JavaScript libraries
  • Business logic is separated from Presentation logic
  • No Viewstate
  • Rapid forms development
  • User Friendly urls

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