Livepad – Personal information manager and note taking software


Livepad is a powerful personal information manager and note taking software from it’s a single workspace platform where user can hold all their information – notes, documents, pictures, alarms, web clippings and audio’s. it allow you to write and draw anywhere and manage your information instantly.


Livepad is a perfect note taking software and personal information manager for Note Taking in business and education. it has a user friendly interface which provide simple drag and drop functionality almost for any type of information into your work area and store it all in a completely flexible and free format way. it doesn’t use any big database to store information. Simply create as many Livepad files as you need each one is fully Independent, Searchable and completely Portable across different PC’s. you can search, annotate and associate that quick note, image or URL however you wish.

At home : You can use Livepad as Note Taking Software and as a Personal Information Manager. So whether its buying a House, purchasing a Car, organizing a Holiday or planning a Birthday Party use it to capture Web research, enter a quick note, categorize your information, compare prices and pictures of items and make the right choice. As note taking software, you can take flexible screen clippings of anything you want. Even see the source URL copied in automatically.

At Work : Take notes quickly and retrieve what you need in an instant. Do even more with LivePad use it as an Organizer and combine multiple documents and work with them in one place. Never waste time again replicating your meeting notes. Capture your Quick Note Taking once and then share it by exporting or Collaborating with your colleagues in real time across your network for those brain storming tasks.

In class : It’s an ideal Quick Note Taking Software for lectures, revision or as a research tool. Use LivePad alarms for your deadlines and share your work with your classmates at the same time in different places. LivePad is great for students both as a Personal Information Manager and as Quick Note Taking Software. Organize the work the way you need it. Like a blackboard scribble what you want where you want. Take a quick note while in class or even record an audio of your lecture and type it later.

Download : Livepad – Note Taking Software

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