LogicalDOC – Online Document Management System (DMS)

LogicalDOC is a document management platform through which users get the opportunity to search documents for parameters, keywords or their contents. This solution is typified by excellent performance in the research phase. The privilege of LogicalDOC lies in the simplicity in the data entry and research of the documents.

LogicalDOC dms

LogicalDOC is an Enterprise electronic document management system that can be used by both large and small companies to systematize their knowledge management processing proficiently. This system is more flexible and cheaper in comparison to other existing proprietary applications. Using knowledge management systems companies can manage intelligence, based on resources available to them, in a more competent manner which, in turn, boosts up their productivity. These systems make information and knowledge engendered within the organization universally accessible. LogicalDOC is a easy way to carry out these functions effectively.

LogicalDOC helps companies manage their documents. With the assistance of a web user interface, LogicalDOC is capable of carrying out operations like setting security roles, sharing, auditing and finding project documents etc. Using this system enables users to build communication and collaboration very easily. Flow of information across business cycles can well be tracked and managed through this system also. No information is created without a purpose. Each document has something useful to offer and a proper destination to reach.

Features of LogicalDOC

  1. Finding and Utilizing Contents – LogicalDOC makes it sure those information workers can find, utilize and share useful corporate contents which contribute to their current business
  2. Reference to Information – Using this system users can find right information when necessary and thus can save more time.
  3. Managing All Documents – LogicalDOC is capable of managing all the useful documentations of the company in a safe document repository scaling across the enterprise.

LogicalDOC can be deployed in three different ways. First, Stand-alone installation – it can be installed in the user’s PC. As this system comes with fixed database installation of added components is not required. Second, Installation on shared service – the system can be used as a shared service. The customer can deploy LogicalDOC in a server that is accessible in all the workstations of the respective organization. This is the best way of using LogicalDOC. Thirdly, LogicalDOC Cloud -  LogicalDOC can also be used through servers installed in the product website. This needs no installation at all.

LogicalDOC is confident with the ease of its solutions and also offers the customer the possibility of trying LogicalDOc products before proceeding to purchase.

Download : LogicalDOC

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