LotusCMS – Advanced Flat-file based CMS

LotusCMS is a highly customizable,free flat file based content management system (CMS) that allow you to centrally manage all your digital assets and syndicate your content as reusable widgets and rapidly create keyword-targeted SEO friendly web pages.

LotusCMS - Flat-file based CMS

it written in PHP and uses text file to store your content and work perfectly on any server where basic PHP5 fread()/fwrite() support . Thanks to it’s new feature widgetizing content which allow you to syndicate your content as widgets on Google, yahoo, apple and vista, and allows you to push content to consumers desktops and mobile phones on-demand while the same content to be personalized on a dashboard with drag-and-drop functionality.

features of LotusCMS

  1. A plugin system using the concept of observable classes.
  2. A simple dynamic page builder help you to Publish web pages and mashups that are SEO friendly and contextually driven quickly and easily.
  3. Support for Multiple Users and user roles.
  4. WYSIWYG content editor.
  5. customizable and extendable widgets library that easily imported or exported between the Google, Yahoo, Apple and Vista widget platforms
  6. Improved general usability and design.
  7. SEO friendly URL’s
  8. Banner Ad Management
  9. Rich media marketing and management reporting
  10. Extensible Security mechanism
  11. Flexible template system
  12. database stored on flat files (text files)
  13. An advanced speed caching system for standard pages, with up to a 3 times average speed increase for server-side processing.
  14. A simple back-up system.

Download : LotusCMS – Flat-file CMS
Website : lotus cms – flat file based CMS

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