Lucid Meeting – Online Collaboration and Group Meeting Software

Lucid Meeting is an online collaboration and group meeting software that solves the problem of how to hold effective, recurring group meetings online.

Lucid Meeting

It enables group projects to be performed efficiently from anywhere in the world as it would be done from a common meeting room.

It is a perfect online meeting tool designed specially to simplify team works, corporate decision making, or any organizational setup. Your work process gets lucid and your meetings are effective enough to enhance productivity.

Lucid Meeting is a secure way to provide you with a work station away from the office. It gives you all the possible facilities that are required for successful dealing.

With Lucid Meeting you can interact with all your colleagues and put up relevant and important meetings and discussions regarding your project. all Presentations and integrated audio keep the discussion in synch.

You can share any kind of document through Lucid Meeting in real-time and this entire process is highly recommended for team projects.

As it saves a lot of time and resources that a company might have to come up with for a successful outcome of the project. Lucid Meeting has been specially developed to enhance business dealings and their methods.

Using Lucid Meeting is recommendable as it includes a wide array of features that are very useful for any kind of associative or group effort. These features comprise of:

Features of Lucid Meeting

  1. Lucid Meeting offers you methods to put up important meetings online using teleconference or video conference methods which do not require any special tool.
  2. All your important work details are securely saved by Lucid Meeting for future purposes in a collective manner.
  3. Proper records of all your meetings are saved and information regarding those documents is sent to all team members to avoid any confusion or lack of knowledge regarding the project in any worker.
  4. You are allowed to reprocess templates and team up on programs and annotations to diminish administrative operating costs.
  5. Thus, the efficiency of your project is taken to a higher and improved level by increasing working abilities and prompt resources.
  6. Using Lucid Meeting you can maintain detailed lists of all the participating members in a particular meeting and even their entry and exit times.
  7. All kinds of transactions, agreements, and decisions are kept at a transparent level and every member of your team can view all the activities clearly for themselves. This eliminates the problem of secrecy and thus works deficiency among workers.
  8. All the legal finance and accounts based dealings are managed and maintained into records for your better understanding and working. Such records are very useful for certification, financial, and auditing purposes.
  9. There are special meeting tools that make your meetings simple to conduct.
  10. Lucid Meeting helps you to send instant follow-ups to members and clients.
  11. You can account for development with direct access to every action item and result.
  12. Lucid Meeting saves a lot of money using toll-free calls and net conferencing tools.

Download: Lucid Meetings

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