Luft Cube – Your Personal Air Purifier

Meet Luft Cube, A compact, a filterless air purifier that you can carry with you anywhere.

it kills unwanted pollutants in the air such as molds, bacteria, odors, allergens, fungi, viruses, and toxic chemicals into harmless water and carbon dioxide through patented photocatalysis nanotechnology.

LUFT Cube is the ultimate personal air purifier. You can bring it anywhere, or keep it at home to protect those you love from viruses, bacteria, and mold.

The compact, portable design that easily fits into your bag and innovative UV LED technology to purify the air around you and give you a healthy environment, no matter where ever you are.

Features of Luft Cube:-

  1. SSP Nanotech – With UV LED, SSP is more effective than HEPA.
  2. Compact and Portable design
  3. No need to set up any special device, just plug and play.
  4. Energy efficient
  5. Eco friendly
  6. Maintenance and filter replacement free
  7. Support Antibacterial metal mesh
  8. Lower than 25dB / Steadier with bottom Heavy center
  9. USB Type-C Plug-N-Play with Virtual On/Off Button
  10. 360 Degree air intake
  11. Designed specifically for directing airflow in the desired direction. The transparent crystal-clear air vent cap matches all different colors of Luft Cube.
  12. Vehicle Cup Holder – The LUFT Cup Holder keeps LUFT Cube working steadily in your car.

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