MailSteward – Email Management Solution for Mac OS X

In today’s busy world, we need software to manage and coordinate our daily workload. Mailsteward is one such software that effectively manages all our emails.


MailSteward is a solution for e-mail archiving that imports and dumps all the e-mails of yours into a database that is maintained by it. Then, it searches, sorts and exports all thus e-mail messages of yours.

MailSteward helps you to import IMAP, POP, and mbox files as well as .Mac accounts that are created in the Microsoft Entourage.

The SQLite database provides the power to the MailSteward that helps in the text archiving of your e-mail. Tiger’s Core Data is also powered by the SQLite.

This gives the facility of keeping all the e-mails in the specific database. MailSteward aids in providing fast search as per the criteria specified. The interface design of MailSteward is really very unique.

The window of the brushed metal has the provision of six buttons on the rectangle that is vertically placed. Novice users are denied entry to this application on account of the design provided by it.

One of the basic requirements for Mail steward is that the database location has to be specified; also the email accounts and their respective passwords are also needed to be provided.

After that mail steward would automatically import all your emails to its database.

Features of MailSteward

  1. All the email of yours can be achieved by you in a relational database with the help of the app of Mac OS X Apple Mail.
  2. It can easily work with all Mac, POP, and IMAP email accounts in the app of OS X Mail that are locally-stored.
  3. Emails can be selected from the archive on the basis of keywords and date range in the To, From, Mailbox, Subject, or Body fields.
  4. Sort by date, From, To, Mailbox, Subject, or unique ID.
  5. Your own tags can be added into the email & even you can import the Mail Tags.
  6. Binary attachments can be even search that has any text content.
  7. Print individual email, email list, or all the emails in a single list.
  8. Save individual email, email list, or all the emails that are retrieved in a text file.
  9. You can give replies to each and every individual email.
  10. Database files can be merged together.
  11. Email folders can be left without disturbing them.
  12. Attachments can be stores, enriched text, HTML, plain text as well as a raw source.

The modern features, mail steward is sure to help its users by effectively managing all the emails and messages.

You will not have to scroll to search for a specific mail, the mail steward’s database will take care of everything. It will also make sure that none of your mail is lost.

Download : MailSteward

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