markItUp – jQuery markup editor

markItUp! is a lightweight, customizable jQuery plugin to turn any textarea into a markup editor. HTML, CSS, XML, Wiki syntax, BBCode or any other desired markup language are easily configured and implemented by markItUp . it supports for all major web browsers including : IE7, Safari 3.1, Firefox 2, Firefox 3. IE6 and Opera 9+.


markItUp! is a free markup editor released under both the MIT and GPL Open Source licenses.

features of markItUp

  1. Fast and unobtrusive integration : markItUp! is easy to integrate in your existing or new projects, because it can turn any ordinary textarea field into a powerful quick tag editor with just 2 extra lines of code. The integration is unobtrusive, so your HTML will remain clean and semantic, and it degrades gracefully for users without JavaScript.
  2. Support for Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Support for Toolbar and Drop down menus – set your own buttons in a clear toolbar with convenient drop down menus.
  4. Fully customizable and scriptable – You can add any markup and buttons you need with any styling you like. Callback functions allow for complex scripts and macros.
  5. Editor’s features callable from any place – Easy to insert text or tags from other plugins or picture/media/link libraries.
  6. Ajax Dynamic preview : live preview of your markups via any server-side parser you want.
  7. Customizable Skins : With CSS, you can customize the markItUp! editor to fit the look & feel of your application or website.

Download : markItUp jQuery editor

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