MashQL – query-by-diagram mashup language

MashQL is a query-by-diagram mashup language that does the work of a web search for your required information by inquiring and smashing up configured data put up on the internet.

MashQL - query-by-diagram mashup language

it allows people to query, mash-up, and pipeline RDF data intuitively. all queries are automatically translated into and executed as SPARQL queries.

MashQL is a complete mashup language and just not an application. Moreover, in this language data are supposed to be delineation free. So, this is quite a new and different experience with this language.

MashQL provides a novel technological tool that satisfies every question involving huge data sets to accelerate your usability and faster results.

MashQL comprises two implements i.e. server related query and Mashup Editor and secondly a browser-related Firefox hook up available for download on their website.

To fulfill the vision of creating a universal means for data exchange, a huge amount of designed data sets are being formulated and put up in order to set up a web of interconnected composed data.

MashQL is the outcome of experimentation for setting up such a world wide web link. Other examples of such combined configured data sets for interlinking purposes over the web are Wikipedia, Wordnet, and Wikibooks, etc.

Publication of structured number files is being supported and followed by some leading Governments as well.

General people lacking IT knowledge used to suffer quite a lot due to such complex data structures but with the interlinking of data sets published over the web and introduction of MashQL they can also easily derive their needed information from Resource Description Framework (RDF).

The web-based intuitive language of MashQL requires Firefox 3.5 or other lower edition and also JAVA JRE or JDK. MashQL formation was looked after by the University of Cyprus earlier and then by Birzeit University.

They enabled MashQL to work on larger data sets from RDF. This was possible by adding up a feature of the Graph-Signature Index optimizing solution.

This Index brings about a notable improvement in the Oracle solution system used for large RDF files search. This particular process is finally termed as Oracle Semantic Technology.

Features of MashQL

  1. It is an effective original web language that simplifies your extensive research involving a huge database into the RDF.
  2. MashQL offers instant results of your search in an accurate manner and hence your dealings and exchanges are likely to be successful and the quality too is supposed to be reliable.
  3. For MashQL you will need some basic software support which includes Firefox 3.5 or earlier versions and JAVA JRE or JDK.
  4. You can install MashQL from their official website. Its installation is a simple drag and drop process.
  5. You can add some plug-ins for JAVA and all your other applications will be enhanced by its correct mechanism.
  6. Every type of research work is possible using MashQL. You can search for some specific topic, some job-seeking activities, and project-related searches and of course business and finance-oriented statistical search as well.

Hence, MashQL might prove to be profitable for people who want faster and accurate results irrespective of the size of your query.

Download: MashQL – query-by-diagram mashup language

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