Maximum CRM – Web Based Managed CRM

Maximum CRM is a Montreal based company in Canada. It is the largest provider of software that is CRM, and it has been working successfully for over one and a half years or more.

It also provides flexible, real, easy, and affordable solutions to several business owners all over the world.

Maximum CRM

Maximum CRM provides a thorough combination of processes, technology, and people that ensures customer interaction is not only more profitable but also effective.

All the related processes of retaining, acquiring, and satisfying customers effectively fall within the category of Maximum CRM.

The margin of profit of most of the entrepreneurs has narrowed to a considerable extent due to the tuff competition at the Maximum CRM.

A highly customer-centric approach should be opted for improving or enhancing the profit margin.

The system enables a complete view of all the customers so that you have better control over all your customers and this can be used as an added advantage to you.

You will be certainly benefited from the outcome of the result that will help customers also.

Empowerment of entrepreneurs is also a feature of Maximum CRM that avails you with the best possible technology in order to enable you with most of the resources of theirs, triumph their customers. All the problems that you will face are efficiently solved by them.

The system is also enriched with features of high technology that enables different operations in order to service your customers in a much better way.

The powerful tools generate delighting and new existing customers, the limitless number of mailing lists, more sales, invoicing, customizing proceedings, work automation, and data security are the features that help CRM to be worked easily.

Features of Maximum CRM

For Sales :

  1. Common sense order denial
  2. Personal administration
  3. Handling subscriptions
  4. Smooth transactions
  5. Customer proceedings can be secured
  6. Provision of custom tabs until no specific number that is done for the customer data
  7. Handling products
  8. Reseller pricing and special dealer
  9. Accurate invoicing
  10. Incentive coupons

For Customer Service :

  1. Flexible Auto Sends
  2. Intuitive file management
  3. Multilingual
  4. Provision of any number of custom tabs for the customer data
  5. Auto Answer
  6. Smart Email management tool
  7. Content management system (CMS)
  8. Personnel Administration
  9. Provide Secure customer records
  10. Provide Telecoms solution via Asterisk PBX

For Marketing :

  1. Provide support for incentive Coupons
  2. Wish Lists
  3. Marketing and communication campaigns
  4. Tell a friend Functionality to promote your product between friend circle
  5. Unlimited custom fields for customer data
  6. Unlimited Mailing List

For Fulfillment :

  1. Better Inventory Management
  2. Fulfillment management
  3. Easy to Handle product and Subscription
  4. Simple and flexible Auto Sends

Download: Maximum CRM

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