Mia-Chat – web based Ajax chat application


Mia-Chat is a web based Ajax enabled chat application developed with JavaScript & PHP which is very easy to use and simple to setup. Mia-Chat supported to Database platform agnostic .


It functions very similar to the messenger applications, you can add buddies, chat with several users at the same time, change your online status & more. Even Mia Chat includes the SQL file needed to create the proper MySQL database. However, Mia Chat has been built with database portability in mind.

The chat application support for ; MySQL 4, MySQL 5 IBM DB2, Oracle 8+, MS SQL Server 2000+, SQLite 2+, PostgreSQL 7+ and also PHP 5 and Apache Web Server 1.3+ require to run smoothly.

Features of Mia-Chat:

  • Simple setup
  • Ease of use
  • Platform independent
  • Browser agnostic (aims to support the same browsers as jQuery)
  • Support for multiple database platforms

Mia-Chat Requirement:

  • PHP 5
  • Apache Web Server 1.3+
  • MySQL 4 or 5 , PostgreSQL 7 or 8

Download: MiaChat

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