Micromobs – Group discussion made simple

Micromobs is customizing your group discussion accordingly the way you want. With this application, you can start a group discussion with your friends and colleagues by inviting them through it and getting them involved in the discussion. Micromob also provides you features whereby you can develop your group discussion only to the members you want.

micromobs group discussion

You can invite your selected persons you want leaving the ones who are not invited to your discussion. When you join the site, you can everyday log in to register your discussion topic, feature, and then list the names and email addresses of the people you would like to invite. The application will itself invite those friends to your group discussion and will help them join you in the talk.

With this feature, you can share ideas, opinions and a lot more with your fiends and colleagues. You can also converse with your friends and concerned person through this feature. The best advantage with this application is the fact that you can leave out the people with whom you do not want to converse and include the ones you want to join.

Micromobs is a great way of sharing your ideas, thoughts and opinions with like minded people. You can also give your thoughts and information about any topic under the roof. Just login and get people listening to you. Apart from that, you can also hare pictures and images with different people and get yourself a custom image for your identification.

It is the best way to share your life with the concerned people you would like to share with. You can also name your mob according to your choice and are connected with many people to develop ideas and thoughts. You can drop any line you have in your mind and make people share theirs and thoughts of them. You can share content and much other information feedback with the people you care the most about. Micromob is a great tool for communication for many people, be it working people, families, colleagues or anyone. You can even plan trips and events with the people along with you on Micromob.

Features of Micromobs

  1. Share life privately: you can organize the people with whom only you want to share your thoughts and idea. You can enlist them and leave out the ones you do not care about.
  2. Supports multiple groups: You can include multiple groups of people and make them actively participative in the discussion. With simultaneous groups, you can share ideas and thoughts the way you want.
  3. Micromob mobile: with your mobile, you can login effectively and can work from anywhere through your mobile without having to sit in the computer.
  4. Reduce emails in inbox: with group discussion and conversations through micromob, you can minimize the messages mails in your inbox since you are already in touch with them through this application.
  5. Help guide: the personnel at Micromob are round the lock there to help you out in solving your problem and any query you would like to be cleared out.

Download : start a group discussion with micromobs

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