Microsoft Office 365 – Hosted Productivity Software by Microsoft

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based service that allow you to work virtually from anywhere, by using almost any device whether you are a professional or a small businessman. It’s a one of the rich productivity tools from their part which is highly effective and provides a lot of help to the different organizations.


The Microsoft Office 365 is developed for small businesses and professional usage and is a payment based service that merges the well-known Microsoft Office Applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

with a pack of web facilitated products that are simple to use and learn, that efforts with your on hand hardware, and last of all that is supported by the tough security, dependability, and managing power you require to carry on your business.

Features of Microsoft Office 365

  1. Email and Calendar – The Microsoft Office 365 allows you to gain access to all your important mails and contact from any place around the world via your laptops, desktops or the hand held devices. It also helps you to protect your all important data and your devices too from spam and viruses.
  2. Work from almost anywhere – You will have the complete liberty to work from anywhere via the internet with the help of your laptops, desktops or the popular smartphones.
  3. Easy to Administer Email – With Office 365 you can administer all your mails and contacts simply with the advance mail management option. Even you can manage it equally efficiently online too.
  4. Make Scheduling Simpler – You can view your edited calendar details while you are working with your other documents. You can also share your calendar and also check the availability of your employees or associates and inform them your required meeting time and place. The Microsoft Outlook Web App simplifies all your email handling prospects.
  5. High Level of Security – It helps to defend your association from viruses and spam with the Microsoft trademarked Forefront Online guard for trade, which includes multiple filters and virus-scanning engines.
  6. Office Web Applications – Office Web Applications provide you the perfect solutions for the different MS applications like the MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS One Note or the MS Excel. It allows you to work on you important documents any time and from anywhere.
  7. Edit Collectively – You can edit Excel spreadsheets and OneNote notebooks in real time with the different MS applications like the MS OneNote or the MS Excel and that too simultaneously.
  8. Mobile Access – You can easily access all your important data and information through your cellular devices too.
  9. IM and Online Meetings – Microsoft Office 365 also allows you to connect you with your work associates virtually all around the globe. With the facilities of video call service or the online meeting services; it is very effective for any organization.
  10. Quarantine free Guaranteed – With the advanced features, it can protect all your important data and information at the highest notch and ensures its safety at any point of time. It will be also protecting all your email information around the clock.

Thus with the availability of such modern and effectual features, Microsoft Office 365 would be quite an asset for every organization.

Download : Microsoft Office 365

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