MigrationBox – online migration tool for Google Apps

MigrationBox is an online migration tool that allow you to easily transfer of all e-mails from the account of one user to another. Even e-mail transfer between any two of the Gmail accounts is possible with the aid of this tool.


Downloading of any other software is not at all needed, just the MigrationBox is sufficient. It is not only secured and unique, but also comfortable and safe to use.

This tool can be used by paying just a minor amount of $19.95 through online. The users are also permitted to use the trial version that is not only free but also has the capability to transfer 10 messages at a time.

MigrationBox is a web app that enables you to transfer all your Google Apps domains, including email, contacts, calendars and docs into another Account or to any other account of Google apps.

At first your authorization is asked by this tool to ensure your messages of Google Apps or your Gmail after the completion of verification and authorization.

This tool will start the transfer from your source Google Apps account or Gmail to your destination account of Google Apps or Gmail, as it may take a very long time for the completion of migration, then the tool will be taken to a page known as the status page so that you will be able to track your own progress.

Features of MigrationBox

MigrationBox for Personal Accounts

  1. Email Migration : Easy to transfer all your Messages, calendars, contact from one email account to another account via MigrationBox. it use SSL-encrypted connections to migrate all your Email.   
    • Easy and fast migration of email
    • Works with several providers of email
    • Complete money-back and trial guarantee
    • Complete folder/collection structure and starred status preserved.
  2. Migrate Contacts, Calendar and Docs :
    • Work with any Gmail and Google Apps accounts
    • Also simple to transfer your ownership and preserve all information seamlessly
  3. Easy migration from Flickr to Picasa :
    • Copy all your Pictures at once
    • Simple, Fast and Absolutely Free service
    • All information are preserved seamlessly
  4. Migrate your favorite bookmark from Delicious to Google Bookmarks :
    • Your bookmarks migrated easily from Delicious to Google
    • Enables the unlock of your data
  5. No need to Download software : Migration Box does not require downloading anything else as this tool is run freely on the server of yours beside of the feature of it being an online tool. With the aid of just a few mere clicks the entire email account can be transferred.

MigrationBox is a tool that provides online Email migration service and security to your Gmail account. It has several features that mark the increase use of this tool and due to all these reasons it is in large use now-a-days.

Download : MigrationBox

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