MilkChart – Graph/Chart library for MooTools


MilkChart is a free and easy to use yet robust MooTools based graph/chart library that allow you to generate a graph similar to Microsoft Excel. It transform table data into a beautiful chart by using HTML 5 <canvas> tag which is currently supported in browsers other than Internet Explorer until ExCanvas gets proper text support.

MilkChart - Graph/Chart library for MooTools

it support the following chart and graph types :

  1. Column
  2. Bar
  3. Line
  4. Scatter
  5. Pie

and provide various options to customize variables like:  width, height, padding, font, font color, font size, background, chart line color, chart line weight, border, border weight, border color, title size, title font, title color, show row names, show values, show key, use zero and copy.

Download : MilkChart

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