Mixedink – Free collaborative writing tool and learning platform

Mixedink is a free online collaborative writing tool and learning platform that allows students to improve their writing skills in web 2.0 Environment.

Mixedink - free collaborative writing tool

it provides basic guidance to the student through a fun and immersive process of writing original essays, evaluating peers’ work via rating and comments, also Synthesizing different ideas and language to create your own unique essays.

Using Mixedink you can allow your learners to team up and thus learn from one another contained by MixedInk’s enjoyable, collective setting.

It’s a web-based collaborative writing tool and learning platform that commemorates students’ personal opinions while allowing them to access and combine their fellow classmates’ text writing.

It sharpens the developing new skills on which the students can easily collaborate and learn from each other within MixedInk’s web 2.0 social Environment.

Features of Mixedink

Mixedink has a lot to offer for business and learning purposes. Let us take a look through all its prime features that have proved to be quite useful:

  1. Even if students share, edit, and mix up different works together to form a new document, the basic idea or work is entitled to the original creator only. Hence, the original writer gets credit for creating that work. Therefore, Mixedink is supported by the authorship tracking facility.
  2. In Mixedink students are provided with languages that are used by others while typing and this leads to more and more collaborative creations. Thus, they are constantly provided with real-time effective suggestions.
  3. Students are given the authority to rate every text that they view incognito, categorizing the top ideas as well as language to be used under Mixedink. Hence, the evaluation process in Mixedink is quite clear and fair.
  4. Setting up a new topic in Mixedink is very simple. It hardly takes a few minutes of your time to get started with any new topic of discussion and brainstorming.
  5. Mixedink establishes the democratic right of every student by giving them the opportunity to speak out their minds freely.
  6. Its fun format and exciting settings attract students to join in large numbers and hence is very popular with students and teachers.
  7. Mixedink is made available to everyone throughout the day for your convenience. Thus you will never face accessibility issues with Mixedink.
  8. You can customize your Mixedink according to your preference i.e. you can choose your topic of discussion based on your liking and disliking.
  9. You can get your Mixedink basic version without any charge. There are also the educator and guru versions which will cost you and per month respectively.
  10. Thus, Mixedink promotes critical analysis, effective peer assessment, group efforts and collaboration, resourceful risk undertakings, and developing bigger and better ideas.

Download : MixedInk

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