MJGUEST – Free Professional PHP5-based guestbook script


MJGUEST is a free professional guestbook script written in PHP5 and uses MySQL or XML database backend. With MJGUEST, user can have a sophisticated guestbook on their website without having any knowledge about PHP or MySQL or have any technical skills.

mjguest - Web 2.0 Free Professional PHP guestbook

MJGUEST has a wide variety of features and it is actually quite advanced Guestbook. Some of the key features are:

  1. Average web skills required, no PHP or MySQL skills are required
  2. Support for several databases and UTF-8 languages
  3. Easy-to-use Setup Utility (install, upgrade, remove, usage tutorials)
  4. Smart 5-front security: anti-spam, anti-bot CAPTCHA, safe mails, anti-flood, anti-hammering, which protect your guestbook from spam
  5. State-of-the-art swearing filter and input/output data processing
  6. All settings are retroactive and instantly affect previously added entries
  7. Most of the functions are automated and work in background
  8. Two level administration – Administrator and moderator accounts with different permissions (Approve, Delete, Reply, Edit entries)
  9. Fully customizable cross-browser web interface with graphic themes and rich-text editing options
  10. E-mail notification for new Posts
  11. Support for RSS feeds

Download : MJGUEST – free professional guestbook

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