MobDis – Create Mobile Web Apps Easily

MobDis is a Mobile Web Application creating software that helps in developing and publishing various mobile ads easily, without having prior knowledge of ad designing, web designing, etc. With an easy drag n drop interface, the users can easily create advertisements in minutes and publish them in various micro sites.

The application is developed keeping in mind the marketers and designers so that both the functions, i.e., marketing and designing can go hand-in-hand. The USP of this application lies in its user-friendly interface and interactive drag-and-drop layout.

That means the user can easily design mobile ads without gaining any prior knowledge of website designing. With the use of in-built designing tools, users can create an ad within few minutes and publish them in various micro sites. The small-scale entrepreneurs also can use it for marketing without hiring a web designer.

Features of MobDis

  1. Engages the users- The tools include custom images, videos and flashy animations to appeal the users.
  2. Create mobile ad application in minutes- The software helps in creating mobile ads within minutes with its easy to use interface.
  3. Easy as Power point- The application is easy to use, as easy as using a power point application.
  4. Learn easily- The software tool is also easy to learn and within 15 minutes, the user can learn the operation by a demo video provided with the application.
  5. Enhances and utilizes creativity- The software enhances and utilizes the creativity of user while letting him/her apply plenty of designing tools.
  6. Easy marketing tool- The software is an easy marketing tool which helps in making alluring ads to pull the crowd.
  7. Emphasis on animations and visuals- As ads need to be visually interesting, the software is developed in such a way that the emphasis is wholly on animations and visuals.
  8. The application works well on Blackberry and Android-enabled phones.
  9. One click application- The software supports single click application and as a user, you have a full control over the application by clicking on buttons.
  10. Easy to install and run- The application is easy to install and run, and takes a moment to download in the device.

MobDis is very useful software that combines web designing and mobile marketing features to make a unique, out-of-the-box application. It also gives the users a freedom from learning web designing to create unique ads. The application is also favorite among the users due to its smart layout and easy to handle interface.

Download : MobDis

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