33 useful mobile development framework to create mobile App


The mobile development framework is a software framework that specially designed to support the development of mobile applications for multiple mobile platforms. Here is a 33 useful mobile development framework to create a mobile app for iPhone and Android.

  1. iUI – iPhone User Interface (UI) Framework

    iUI is a User interface (UI) framework for mobile devices such as iOS, Android, Palm, and others.. it included a set of JavaScript libraries, CSS, and images to develop an advanced mobile app for Smartphones like iPhone and Android-powered phones. With iUI, Users can easily create iPhone style navigation menus and User interface by using standard HTML. no need to required any special knowledge about JavaScript to develop mobile web apps. Visit: iUI – iPhone User Interface Framework

  2. libgdx – 2D and 3D game development framework for Android

    libgdx is a cross-platform 2D and 3D game development framework for Android. The framework is written in Java that provides a cross-platform API for the game and real-time application development.  Visit: libgdx 2D and 3D game development framework

  3. cocos2d for iPhone – Mobile game development framework

    Cocos2d for iPhone is a mobile game development framework that helps you to build 2D games demos and other graphical/interactive applications for the iPhone. The framework is based on the cocos2d design which uses objective-c instead of using python. Visit: cocos2d for iPhone

  4. iPhone Universal – Universal iPhone UI framework

    iPhone Universal is a simple CSS and HTML framework to develop mobile apps for the iPhone. it based on 1 CSS stylesheet and several HTML examples, which include original PSD file that easily edited in Adobe Photoshop and then used them in your project. Visit: iPhone-universal

  5. iWebkit – mobile App development framework

    iWebkit is a free mobile app development framework which specially designed to develop iPhone and iPod touch compatible websites or web apps. The framework is so simple and easy to understand even anyone, who has the basic knowledge about HTML can create iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch compatible mobile Apps. Visit: iWebKit mobile apps development framework

  6. jQTouch – jQuery plugin for mobile app development

    jQTouch is an Open source jQuery plugin for mobile app development. With jQTouch, users can easily develop mobile App with native Webkit animations, automatic navigation, Swipe Detection, and themes for iPhone, Android, and iPod Touch. Visit: jQTouch

  7. Magic Framework

    The magic framework allows you to create native iPhone imitation using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS Visit: Magic Framework

  8. WebApp.net – Mobile JavaScript framework

    WebApp.net is a lightweight mobile JavaScript framework with the full support of AJAX which gives you a complete set of ready to use components to help you develop, quickly and easily, advanced mobile web applications. Visit: WebApp.Net

  9. XUI – smallest mobile development framework

    XUI is the smallest mobile development framework for authoring HTML5 mobile web applications. it’s an only mobile framework which especially targeted to build mobile apps for WebKit, IE Mobile, and BlackBerry. Visit: XUI  smallest mobile framework

  10. Rhodes – Ruby-based mobile development framework

    Rhodes is an award-winning Ruby-based mobile development framework to rapidly build native apps for all major mobile operating systems (iPhone, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone 7). Rhodes is an only mobile framework that provides support for Model View Controller instead of forcing you to put all business logic into the view as JavaScript. Views are written in HTML and Controllers are written in Ruby. Visit: Rhodes – an open-source mobile framework

  11. SproutCore Mobile JavaScript framework

    SproutCore is an Open source Mobile JavaScript framework for building blazing-fast, powerful desktop-like applications in the web browser using only native HTML5 features. With SproutCore, users can build rich, interactive data-centric applications on the web in less code. Visit: SproutCore framework

  12. QuickConnectFamily – hybrid mobile development framework

    QuickConnectFamily is a hybrid and native mobile development framework that allow you to use your existing web skills to create installable mobile apps. Using HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript you can put all together to develop a killer app without needing to learn the native programming language of the device or writing a single callback function. Visit: QuickConnect

  13. PhoneGap mobile application development framework

    PhoneGap is an open-source mobile application development framework that allows mobile developers to build mobile apps for smartphones like iPhone, Google Android, HP operating system, windows mobile, blackberry, and Symbian OS using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. it uses standards-based web technologies to bridge web applications and mobile devices. Visit: PhoneGap

  14. Safire – iPhone Application Framework

    Safire is a mobile application framework for iPhone. it is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which make it simple to build or port applications to the iPhone ridiculously easy. Visit: Safire iPhone Application Framework

  15. TapLynx iPhone Application framework

    TapLynx is an iPhone application framework that allows developers to create content-rich native iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Apps without learning Cocoa programming language. Visit: TapLynx iPhone application framework

  16. MoSync SDK

    MoSync is an Open source software development kit (SDK) which allows you to develop fully-featured mobile applications for all major mobile operating system. it really produces Real native applications, so you can easily distribute them in their own native installation format for each platform. MoSync currently supports Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, JavaME, and Moblin platforms. Visit: MoSync

  17. Zepto.js – minimalist Mobile JavaScript framework

    Zepto.js is a minimalist Mobile JavaScript framework for developing mobile HTML 5 apps for mobile WebKit browsers which provide jQuery Compatible Syntax code. Currently Zepto.js supports Apple iOS 4+, Google Android 2.2+, and webOS 1.4.5+. Visit: Zepto.js mobile JavaScript framework

  18. Sencha Touch – HTML 5 Mobile Web App Framework

    Sencha Touch is a world’s first HTML 5 Mobile Web App Framework that allows mobile apps developer to develop mobile apps that look and feel native on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry touch devices. it specially designed to leverage HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for the highest level of power, flexibility, and optimization. Visit: Sencha Touch HTML5 Mobile Application Framework

  19. Wink ToolKit

    Wink Toolkit is a lightweight mobile JavaScript framework which will help you to build mobile applications for all major mobile operating system like iOS, Android, Blackberry Samsung BADA, etc.. The framework is HTML 5 ready, it means you can easily play with 3D CSS transforms and develop coll 3D UI components, Geolocation, orientation, Motion and also easy to play with your audio and video files with the new HTML 5 players. Visit: Wink Toolkit

  20. jQuery Mobile framework

    jQuery Mobile is a Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones and Tablets. With the jQuery Mobile framework, users can easily develop cross-platform mobile applications that will work on all popular smartphone and tablet platforms. Visit: jQuery Mobile framework

  21. DHTMLX Touch – Mobile JavaScript framework for HTML 5

    DHTMLX Touch is a free Mobile JavaScript framework for building cross-platform HTML 5 mobile apps. it not only set of UI widgets, but it’s also a complete mobile framework which helps you to build highly interactive, an eye-catching, robust mobile web application for all mobiles and touch devices. Visit : DHTMLX Touch

  22. Appcelerator Titanium

    Appcelerator Titanium is an open-source application development platform to create native mobile, tablet, and desktop application experiences using existing web skills like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and PHP. Visit: Appcelerator Titanium

  23. WidgetPad

    WidgetPad is a collaborative mobile development platform for a mobile developers to develop highly interactive, downloadable, media-rich mobile apps using standard web technologies (such as HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript) and distribute them as stand-alone applications to app stores. Visit : WidgetPad

  24. whoop – mobile app builder and publishing tool

    Whoop is one of the best mobile apps publishing platforms for non- developers. With Whoop, User can easily create feature-rich mobile apps using web-based, WYSIWYG Whoop Creative Studio and instantly publish apps that can be downloaded and installed on Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, J2ME, and WAP-enabled devices. Visit: whoop mobile app publishing platform for non-developers

  25. Corona mobile app development tools

    Corona is a mobile apps development framework for creating Webs apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad. it’s an only mobile framework for developing apps across multiple platforms, OS versions, and screen sizes. just write apps for once and build to iOS or Android at the touch of a button, the corona will automatically scale your content across multiple devices from phones to tablets. Visit: Corona Mobile Apps development platform

  26. Open mobile IS – mobile app development framework

    Open Mobile IS is an open-source mobile app development framework that provides all necessary tools, API, and documents to create effective nomad mobile application development. Visit: Open mobile IS

  27. iPFaces

    iPFaces is an open-source mobile development framework developed by Edhouse for simple creation of native, form-oriented network applications for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, BlackBerry, and other devices with Mobile Java (J2ME). Visit: iPFaces Mobile App development framework

  28. Jo mobile development framework for HTML5

    Jo is a simple Mobile development framework for HTML 5. currently Jo mobile framework support iOS, Android, web OS, BlackBerry, Chrome OS, and anything that supports HTML5 Widgets, lists, and scrolling goodness using JavaScript & CSS3. Visit: Jo mobile framework for HTML5

  29. The-M-Project – HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework

    The-M-Project is an HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework for developing cross-platform mobile apps. The framework provides all UI and Core files to build a jQuery Mobile-based mobile HTML5 App. Visit: The-M-Project HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework

  30. Mobl

    Mobl is a new open-source language specially develop for speed up building mobile web applications for iOS, Android, and other mobile OS that support HTML 5 technology. it generates 100% client-side HTML5-based mobile web applications. Visit: mobl mobile framework

  31. buzztouch – mobile app builder

    Buzztouch is a iPhone, iPad and Android App Builder – buzztouch mobile App Builder

  32. BuildAnApp – do-it-yourself mobile app builder

    BuildAnApp is the first cross-platform, do-it-yourself mobile app builder that offers an affordable, intuitive way for small businesses, community groups, and professional service organizations to create customized smartphone applications and optimize information for on-the-go audiences. currently BuildAnApp supports iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, and the mobile web. Visit: BuildAnApp mobile App builder

  33. DragonRAD – mobile application development

    DragonRAD is a cross-platform mobile application development framework for building, deploying, managing, and securing mobile enterprise applications. DragonRAD greatly simplifies the Design, Deployment, Maintenance, and Administration of database-driven mobile applications. Visit: DragonRad

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