Android Mobile Security Apps – Sophos

Sophos is a Well known Android Mobile Security Apps which help you to protects your Android smartphone without reducing performance or battery life of your android devices. When your install new apps on your Android smartphone, it will automatically scan the application by using up-to-the-minute intelligence from SophosLabs.

Mobile Security Apps for Android - Sophos

The Anti-virus functionality of Sophos secure your Android smartphone from malicious code, undesirable software viruses, threats and spyware which can lead to data loss and unexpected costs. it also work as remote lock system, if your Android smartphone is lost or stolen by thieves. it automatically remote lock your device and secure your personal information from thieves.

Sophos Mobile Security app

Features of Sophos

  1. Lock or locate a device which is lost or stolen by thieves
  2. Automatically Scan your application when you install them
  3. Scans previously installed apps both on your device and on your SD card
  4. Categories unsafe apps into Gray-lists which could pose a potential threat
  5. Use SophosLabs threat intelligence from the cloud with up-to-the-minute information.
  6. Use tracking technology to attempt to find your device
  7. Detects apps which access personal data such as your address book
  8. Lets you easily identify apps which could create costs
  9. Send You SMS Messages when your Phone get automatically remote lock or locate with the location (latitude/longitude) of your device.
  10. You can set up to 5 phone numbers which can be used to remotely control the phone in case of theft or loss.

Download : Android Mobile Security Apps – Sophos

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