Mobilesync – Share, sync, protect and backup your mobile data

How does it feel when you loose all your mobile data due to any virus attack? Hope it feels miserable. Mobilesync application can help you to save you from your mobile data loss due to any virus attack.

It is a unique application that helps in sharing, syncing, protecting and creating backup of mobile data. This mobile sync software application can act as a lifeline for your mobile and can save it from any damages to ensure its flawless operation.


Mobile Sync allows the users to sync among all their mobiles, while connecting them with MobileSync Server, the central database storehouse. This cross-platform software application also helps to protect, create backups and share your mobile data.

The software application works well with all major mobile platforms like, Blackberry, Windows, Android and iPhone. The users can toggle among the prominent mobile platforms to share and sync data easily. The four-in-one mobile application also allows sharing of mobile data across anywhere among other mobile phones. So, sharing video, audio, text or images within your friends and communities becomes so easy.

Features of Mobilesync

  1. Multifaceted mobile platform- The Mobile Sync is a mobile syncing platform that not only syncs between all the other mobile phones and mobile platforms, but also enables sharing, creating backups and protecting the user’s mobile data.
  2. Sharing mobile data- The application helps in syncing between all the major mobile platforms, and makes sharing images, contacts, audio, video, text, animations and other data easy and from anywhere.
  3. Caters to various types of users- The application, Mobilesync, caters to various needs and various types of users. The application can be ideal for a professional who toggles between two or many mobile phones and need the data instantly, or any user who wants to import some data to his new mobile phone.
  4. Locate your stolen mobile phone- Mobilesync application also helps in locating the stolen mobile phone and erase the data stored in it remotely from anywhere. It has an in-built anti-theft software engine that notifies the Mobilesync users while changing the SIM, tracks the current location and erasing data remotely.
  5. Easy to use interface- The mobile syncing application is very easy to understand, as it organizes all the data along with the application itself and helps in accessing them whenever needed by a tap of a button.

Mobilesync is a mobile syncing software application that allows the users to toggle between various mobile phones as well as various mobile phone platforms easily. The application is quite useful for the mobile users for protecting data as well as tracking the data of mobile phone.

The compatibility of this application makes it more popular among the mobile users.  Helps in creating organized backups- The application enables to create backups of your mobile data by keeping it in the Mobilesync server. Users can access the data whenever they need.

Download : MobileSync

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