– email testing application for new apps and websites on Mac OS X


MockSMTP is a very basic and native application for MAC platforms. The application embeds its SMTP server and consists of an e-mail browser that helps in viewing HTML as well as the raw content rendering.


Mock SMTP works as an e-mail tester for new websites and applications on MAC platforms. It is a native application for MAC OS X that embeds its SMTP server. It also features a smart e-mail browser that enables easy viewing of HTML and raw content rendering, to help the users view how the e-mail looks after delivering.

With an easy configuration and installation system, the application is quite user-friendly and helps the users to easily handle the application. By simply running the application, everything gets set up easily. Users can also work offline if they wish. The only configuration the user needs to enable is to make Mock SMTP allowed through the firewall program of their device.

The application is an open source and is available for no cost at all. Later, users can purchase the upgraded version for a minimal cost. The application, Mock SMTP, does not relay or store any e-mail for further viewing.

Features of MockSMTP

  1. Easy to configure and run- The application, Mock SMTP, is a very basic and native application that is very easy to configure and run. Users can easily set up the application by simply running it. However, one has to make it allowed through the firewall program of his/her device.
  2. User- friendly- Mock SMTP is a very user-friendly application with an easy to navigate interface. Users need not to get any tutorial to learn the application and an attractive layout of this application appeals the user.
  3. Open source application- Mock SMTP is an open source application and comes for free on trial basis. Users can upgrade it later for a very minimal cost.
  4. Tests websites and application- Mock SMTP is a very simple application that tests e-mail sending websites and applications.
  5. Embeds its own SMTP server- The application embeds its SMTP server for easy e-mail testing.
  6. Consists of e-mail client browser- Mock SMTP has its e-mail client browser that helps in easy viewing of HTML and raw content rendering instantly.
  7. Can be worked offline- With this handy application, one can work offline without internet and can test the e-mailing function of any application or any website.
  8. Does not relay or store e-mails- The application does not store or relay any e-mail for the users to view it later.
  9. Minimum requirements of RFC 5321- The application works on minimum requirements of RFC 5321, which should be implemented to keep the application running.
  10. Works on MAC platforms- The application, Mock SMTP, works on any device installed with MAC OS X.

The application is quite basic that does nothing more than e-mail testing. This can be quite demoralizing for the MAC users when they would like to have an application with multiple features. Other than that, Mock SMTP is simple application and has a very native interface with optimum functionality that appeals the user. Moreover, the application is available for a month long free trial.

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