Mocksup- mockup tool for build Clickable Website or iPhone App Prototype

Mocksup is a software that allows you to manage several types of mockups related to your project. It is a simple software that does not require prior expertise to handle it. You can invite feedbacks from your customers and also from your Internet users depending on whether your mockups are privates or public. It lets you transform mundane images into interactive objects. Its user-friendly interface has attracted a large user base worldwide.

mocksup- prototyping tool

You can upload your mockups from any source and organize them in one place. They may be website designs, mobile applications templates, icons or photos. Mocksup helps in making your mockups lively. You can customize your mockups. You can add background images, colors and alter page alignment. Mocksup allows you to link up multiple mockups. It has a powerful and handy editor that has combined features of a website and an iPhone application. It is a great time-saver.

Mocksup saves every version of the mockups that you have designed. You can also add notes to your mockup. You can effortlessly browse through them and select the one you want to work on. You can include your company’s logo and color scheme in your mockup to give them a personalized look. This is done by modifying Mockup’s administration options. You can send specific notifications to each of your clients using Mockups. Mocksup comes in many version which excluding the free version cost between $9 and $29 a month. Mocksup hosts an active support base for its users which provide support in case need arises.

Features of Mocksup

  1. It is an easy to handle web based software and does not require any installation. Thus it does not slow down your computer or eat up your disk space.
  2. It has an active dashboard which displays all your projects and list of all those people who have been invited to give feedbacks.
  3. Each project shows all your mockups as thumbnails and also notes added about each of them.
  4. You can send invitations to people via mail to leave reviews. They can do so using Mockup’s exclusive feature of sticky notes. This allows people to comment on your projects and mockups without having to create an account. These notes and comments drive you and your co-workers to create what your clients want.
  5. The Mocksup editor allows you to add sticky notes and comments, link several mockups together and also add newer versions of mockups. Linking mockups is very simple and this saves a lot of your time.
  6. You can include background images to your mockups and also manage its vertical and horizontal alignments.
  7. You can insert your company name and logo, customized domain name, and color and look of the administrator area on your dashboard.
  8. You can adjust the default setting for highlighting your links by turning it off using Mocksup.

Mocksup has multiple features that makes your work easier and saves your time. It ensures that you get your desired results. It surely guarantees your satisfaction.

Download : Mocksup- simple prototyping tool

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